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Fix your hotmail connectivity issues with the help of Outlook tech support


Now, this is one strange issue. Software from the same company are supposed to work like a charm; after all, they’re made by the same manufacturer. So of all the email accounts out there, you’d think that Hotmail would work with Outlook without any problem whatsoever. But, what if it does? Yes, this issue is definitely a strange one.

It must be embarrassing for the Outlook tech support team to handle issues with Hotmail. But you must understand that regardless of which manufacturer makes what, it’s still a software and they’ll ultimately run into problems. But the big plus in having to deal with Hotmail account issues with your Outlook is the easy instructions provided by the Outlook tech support to deal with this.

  • First, check if the hotmail server is up and running. You can do this by visiting the Hotmail webpage and see if you can log in from there. If it is, then wait it out and let Microsoft deal with this. If not, then continue reading these guidelines, because you aren’t done yet.
  • The Outlook tech support team recommends that you go through all your account settings and see if it’s configured correctly or not. Also, make sure you check whether you’ve configured the right password. Most issues are caused due to mismatching passwords, so the Outlook tech support team strongly suggests that you double check your password.
  • If you’ve checked the above guidelines out but still face issues, then the Outlook tech support team recommends you to download the Microsoft Connector Outlook accessory. This tool seamlessly integrates hotmail into your Outlook so try this connector. If you’re still using Outlook 2007, then you’ll have to download the Office 2007 compatibility patch so that these connector plug-ins can be installed correctly. But the Outlook tech support team strongly recommends that you upgrade your Outlook version to the latest one. Most of such issues will be taken care of by just upgrading.

Check out these Outlook tech support guidelines and see if it rectifies your Hotmail connectivity issues. If not, then you’ll have to get personal Outlook tech support assistance to troubleshoot this issue. But make sure you try these Outlook tech support guidelines first before you decide to pay for personal Outlook tech support assistance.