How To Recover Deleted Contacts In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook support

tips for recovering deleted contacts in Outlook with the help of Outlook support

Microsoft Outlook is an email application software released by the Microsoft all over the world. Most of the people around the world use this application for the purpose of sending and receiving emails with their families and friends. It’s also possible for you to manage calendar and contacts in this Outlook application making it extremely useful for tracking businesses and contacts that is personal. In addition, you can recover those contacts that have been deleted from your Outlook contacts list by applying suitable measures. Got excited? Read the below given paragraphs to know more.


It’s possible to recover your deleted contacts in Outlook either with the help of a recovery tool or from the deleted folder. Below given are a few tips for recovering deleted contacts from Outlook express. In case you are having any issues in between, be prepared to contact the Outlook support team for getting assistances.

Recovering from deleted folders

  • Navigate to the menu “Go” and select the option called “Folder List.” In the navigation window of Outlook, you can see the option called “Deleted Items.” Click it.
  • Next step is to figure out the contact that has been deleted or the contact that has to be recovered.
  •  Give a right click to it and choose the option “Move to Folder.” Now select the location or the folder where you want to save the recovered contacts. For those contacts that are deleted, select the folders called “Contacts,” Or just drag the deleted contact to the folder where you want to restore.

Recovering using the Recovery Tool

  • Navigate to the menu “Go” and select the folder called “Folder List.” Then from the navigation window of your Outlook, choose the option called “Deleted Items.”
  • In the Outlook menu bar, you can see the “Tools” menu. From this, click the selection called “Recover Deleted Items.”

    Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook support for geting your deleted contacts back!

  • From the available  list, try to figure out the deleted contacts and select the icon called “Recover Selected Items” for restoring the contacts that has been deleted to the folder named “Deleted Items.”
  • Final step is to move the deleted contact to the Deleted items folder. This can be done by Right clicking the deleted contacts and choose “Move to Folder.”  Select the appropriate folder where you want to save the deleted items.  Now you can restore the deleted contacts back your Outlook address book by choosing the Contacts folder.

The above said tips from the Outlook support team will aid you to recover the deleted contacts in Microsoft Outlook. Thank you!

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