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Outlook Tech Support for calendar issues

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most liked and trouble-free email clients released by Microsoft Incorporation. The majority of the users like the ease with which the application can be operated. Most of the users make use of this wonderful application in order to manage their emails. The latest version of the Microsoft operating system is incorporated with Outlook, which can synchronize all your mails from multiple email service providers. One of the best features included in Microsoft Outlook is the Calendar option. The calendar option will help the users to create events or keep track of important dates and timings. The greatest advantage of the the Calendar feature is that the user can share these events with his friends, relatives or anyone in the Contact list. There are various customizing options available with Outlook calendar. These options will help you to fix the minor problems related to the working of this feature. Once such problem occurs when the user cannot receive the share request in his Inbox. This article will help you to troubleshoot the same.

Outlook Tech Support instructions

These instructions can be used to fix the problems related to delayed arrival of the request in the Outlook Inbox. Follow the instructions carefully without skipping any.

  • Click on the Start button followed by the Programs option. Now you may click on the Microsoft Office  followed by
    fix calendar issues

     Troubleshoot calendar issues with Tech Support

    Microsoft Office Outlook. This will load the program on your screen.

  • Click on the Tools option found on the top of the window. Now you may select the Rules and Alerts option from the Tools menu.
  • Select New to set up a new option. Select Start from a blank rule followed by Check messages when they arrive. After you perform these two steps select Next.
  •  Select Choose From the window followed by  Accept Meeting Response. Instead of the above mentioned option, you may opt for for the Decline Meeting Response option. Now you may select the Add option.
  • Now you may categorize the type of emails based on your priority of sending the same.
  • Select What do you want to do with the message option followed by Move it to the specified folder. Now you may click on the Inbox folder and then select the OK tab. Click on the Finish tab to complete the entire procedure.

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