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Microsoft has brought in many changes to the Outlook email client over the years. Earlier, the Exchange email messages were only accessible through the Outlook program. However, now you can access them on any computer using the Outlook Web Access feature. This feature is extremely useful for people on the move, who are required to check their emails from any available computer.

Outlook Web Access requires you to type in your email id and password in the log-in screen. If you select the option to save your password, available in the log-in screen as well, Outlook web program will remember the password. This is a useful feature when you know you are the sole user of the PC and will enable you to log in faster.

If the program does not save your password, you will need to troubleshoot the issue by making changes to the Windows Registry values in your computer. More specifically, you are required to remove Protected Storage System Provider subkeys to enable the ability to save passwords. You can either make the following changes yourself, or contact the Outlook tech support desk.


  • Click on the Start menu icon located in the left corner of your screen. From inside the menu, click on the Run option. Alternatively, you can press the Windows+R shortcut to open the Run window.
  • In the text box inside the Run window, type in Regedit and then press the Enter key.
  • From the different available tabs inside the Registry editor, select HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then click to highlight the software folder.
  • Click on Microsoft folder and then right-click on Protected Storage System Provider. Among the list of actions available, click on the Export button.
  • Type in a new name for the Registry key you want to create and then save the file in the location you are currently in.
  • Once again, right-click the Protected Storage System Provider option and then click on the option Permissions. Click on your username and ensure that the Full Control field is selected to Allow.

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  • Click on the Advanced button and then select the Permissions tab. Click to enable the option Replace Permission Entries on all Child Objects with Entries Shown Here that Apply to Child Objects to highlight it.
  • Click on Apply button and tap OK twice to save your changes.
  • Restart your computer once you have made these changes.

Once you have made these changes, you will note that the passwords are automatically saved and do not require you to enter every time you need to log in. Contact the Outlook tech support desk if you require further assistance.

Automatically Forwarding Emails From Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager that helps people organize emails. Outlook is filled with a number of features that makes emailing an easy job. There are plenty of similar features in Outlook. Automatically forwarding an email is another feature that helps Outlook users to set a rule and keep forwarding a particular email, without having to do the same manually. Following are the Outlook tech support instructions to do the same.


  • Open the email application from the Start menu.
  • Click on Tools from the taskbar, from the options, chose the Rules And Alerts option. Click on the New Rule option.
  • Choose the radio button next to Start From A Blank Rule. Next, you need to check the box next to Check Messages When They Arrive, after that click on Next.
  • In this step, you need to set the rules and select the criteria for forwarding emails. In the Step 1 box, select the option Where My Name Is In The To Or Cc box, when you want all the emails in the inbox forwarded automatically. This will be copied to Step 2 box. In case the criteria you chose is being underlined in blue, Click on the same to make changes. Now click on Next.
  • Select the Forward It To People Or Distribution List option, when you want the incoming emails to another email address. In the Step 2 box, you need to Click on the text underlined in blue and then enter the email address that you would like to forward the email to in the box Specify Whom To Forward Messages To. If you have more than one email address, ensure to separate it with semicolons. Click on Ok and then Next.
  • In case you have certain exceptions, you need to make sure to have them set in the Step 2 box. When you have completed choosing an exception, click on Next.

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  • Name the rule that you have created. Check the option Turn On This Rule in order to activate this rule. Click on Finish and then Ok.
  • You can deactivate or activate the same from the Tools menu in the taskbar.
  • On the other hand, you can select and deselect the rule in order to activate and deactivate it respectively.

With these instructions, you can automatically forward emails as and how you wish. In case you still have issues with the client, get Outlook tech support from the official website.

Enable Outlook To Forward Emails To Your Mobile Phone

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Despite its enormous features, many like to reckon Outlook as an in-office application. Unfortunately, only a few have realized that they can use their Outlook email application for checking emails on the go. For this, all you need to do is to let Outlook push emails to your mobile devices.

How to enable Outlook to push emails to Mobile?

Mobile phones have become inevitable today. It is impossible for us to stay away from cell phones even for an hour. We need it for both personal needs and work related requirements. I am sure you would appreciate the idea of enabling Outlook to send you notifications about the emails you receive in it or just forward the messages to your smartphone. Follow the below steps to enable Outlook to forward your messages to your mobile device. Alternatively, contact the Outlook tech support desk if you need virtual assistance.


  • Launch Outlook and navigate to the Tools option. You can find it at the top of the Outlook screen.
  • Following that, choose Rules and Alerts followed by New Rule. This will display the Rules and Alerts screen.
  • In the Rules and Alerts dialogue box, choose the radio button that says Start from a blank rule.
  • Remember that the new rule will not depend on any existing rules. Choose the Next button to proceed.
  • If you wish to set conditions for the new rule, specify them. Once done, proceed by clicking the Next button.
  • Each rule has a specific set of requirements. You need to specify them as well. To do that, select the box titled Edit rule description associated with each rule and fill out the requirements. Select Next to proceed.

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  • If you wish to make any exception to any of the rules that you created, be sure to define that in this step. Once done, click Next to proceed.
  • Click the link that says Forward it to people or distribution list. You need to click the Select Actions button in order to let the forwarding rule to take effect.
  • Next, go to the link that says People and Distribution list. This can be found under the Edit Rule option. Add details such as your email address and phone number here. This will ensure that the emails are forwarded to your mobile phone.

You have made Outlook to forward emails to your mobile device now. You can now see all the emails that you get in Outlook on your mobile device as well. Contact Outlook tech support desk for any further clarifications.

How To Recover Your Deleted Emails In Outlook 2007

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Most of us have made the careless mistake of accidentally deleting some important file one time or another. In some cases, this can lead to a lot of problems, if you end up losing some important work-related document. This being the case, you need to use the options for restoring the deleted files in the software application or the operating systems at the earliest, before these files are lost forever.

Procedure for restoring deleted email messages in Outlook 2007

Software applications designed for Enterprise users like MS Word and Outlook come with many options for undoing the changes or for restoring the files you might have accidentally deleted. For example, if you are using the Outlook 2007 version, you can restore the deleted email messages using the options provided in the application itself without having to contact Outlook tech support for assistance. Just proceed as follows.

Launch the application and click on the Mail button. Now, all the mail folders for your Outlook account will be displayed on the screen. There, you will see a Deleted Items folder. If you have not deleted the email message permanently, these messages will remain in the Deleted Items folder. You need to go to this folder and move them to the relevant Inbox or Outbox folders. Just drag-and-drop them onto the relevant folder listed in the navigation menu.

Now, in some cases, the file you deleted might not be there in the Deleted Items folder. This does not mean that files are lost forever. Go to the Tools menu and click on the option Recover Deleted Items. You will now see a list of deleted emails displayed on the screen. You need to select those messages you want to recover and click on the button Recover Selected Items.

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Restoring Outlook Messages

These files will now appear in the Deleted Items folder mentioned above. Now, you can move these files to the relevant folders. But, if the deleted messages are nowhere to be found using both these options, then there is a very good chance that these files are irrecoverably lost.

You may try checking your email accounts by logging into the accounts directly from the browser to see if a copy of these deleted emails were retained. There is a very good chance of this happening, if you are using a Microsoft Exchange account.

You may contact our Outlook tech support personnel, if you have any doubts regarding any of the steps mentioned above.

Avail Outlook Tech Support To Resolve Outlook Issues

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Microsoft Outlook, is without a shadow of doubt, the most heaviest used email management program in the world of email clients. The reason for this is obvious; so many features and capabilities offered to the users that users will feel the optimum emailing experience and convenience when it comes to business communication.  Outlook makes things so easy for the users that users find it extremely difficult functioning without the email client. Outlook allows high level of customizability, so much so that users can make the email client work the way they want.

When users are so dependent on an email management program like Outlook, when it stops functioning properly or there are some issues in it, then it has the capability of creating many problems for the users. Outlook is used for various business communication processes. So, when the email client is not working properly the email communication gets affected. If the clients are not receiving emails on time or the employees are not able to respond to clients on time, then it can really affect the productivity and even to an extent the profitability of the companies. Not everyone is skilled to resolve all kinds of Outlook problems, no matter how tech savvy they are.

So, it becomes really important that the email client issue is resolved as soon as possible. Since Outlook is so important, fixing it becomes high priority. This is where Outlook tech support becomes really important. There are many ways you can avail tech support services for resolving Outlook-related problems. There are specific services that fix Outlook problems in particular.

The Outlook technical support engineers are qualified and certified to deal with a variety of Microsoft Outlook-related problems. They are really good because they have gone through rigorous training that have made them capable of resolving any Microsoft Outlook issues, no matter how complex and complicated they are.

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Moreover, even the amount that they charge for their services are not that high compared to the money you might have to spend by calling an on-demand onsite technician. So, the Microsoft Outlook tech support saves you money as well as quality time.

Tech support services that deal with Outlook-related issues clear most problems you encounter every day. On the off chance the problems are not resolved, you can any way call the technical support guy you call on-demand or  the technician for resolving the problems related to Microsoft Outlook.

Resolve Outlook 2003 Placeholder Issue

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One of the common issues in Outlook 2003 is the issue when an image pasted into Outlook 2003 appears either as a red Xor has a rectangular placeholder in the place of the appropriate image. This can be highly irritating when you need the images to be displayed for something really important. In case you are running IE 7 with Outlook 2013, you will face this problem. The reason for the problem is the compatibility issue. If that is not the case, you can fix the problem by making two basic changes in the Windows system. This Outlook tech support guide will help you out in this matter.

There is something called the show Pictures setting. You system’s Internet Options settings can be the reason why the pasted images in Outlook 2003 appear as placeholders. You need not worry as you can fix this problem in a jiffy.

For that, you need to launch the Internet Explorer application and then click on the Tools menu. After that, you need to select Internet Options and then click on the Advanced tab. You will see many internet options that you can modify. Now, you need to scroll down to the Multimedia heading and then locate the Show Pictures option. In case the box next to Show Pictures is not checked, you need to check it can then hit OK, to make the changes take effect. If the box is already checked, the Show Pictures setting is not the actual source of your Microsoft Outlook 2003 issue.

Updating IE

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The next solution is to update IE 7. The best way to resolve the issue, if there is a conflict between IE 7 and Outlook 2003 is to download and install the latest version of Internet Explorer. If the problem is due to the conflict, updating IE would definitely resolve it. You can download the latest IE from the official Microsoft Website.

If the above solutions are not working to resolve the Outlook 2003 email issue. Re-installing the software can be tedious. Outlook tech support guides provides a work around. Now, this is simple, you can do it easily. Instead of just copying and pasting an image directly into the email message, you can save the image to your hard disk. After that, you can type the message in to email that you wish to send and then click on the paper clip icon located in the menu bar for inserting the picture or image into your email.

Navigate to the place you have stored the image you wish to insert and double click on the image file. It will be attached along with the mail now. Contact our tech support desk for any further assistance.

Procedure To Set Emails In Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is by far one of the best email management applications developed by the Redmond based software manufacturer Microsoft corporation. Bundled with MS Office, a suite of applications and services, the email program offers some of the most awesome and highly useful features for businesses as well as for home use. When it comes to businesses, Microsoft Outlook is probably the most heavily used software ever. This is because, this impressive software offers a variety of features that can be effectively utilized to enhance the business communication processes as well as productivity. Outlook is also highly flexible and easily customizable so as to cater to the needs of the users.

One of the best features of Microsoft Outlook is the ability it offers users to maintain multiple webmail accounts. This way, user can access their priority emails all at one convenient place. Microsoft Outlook is an email management tool allowing users easily to keep track of all their important business and personal accounts, as mentioned, all in one place. You can easily avail the brilliant features of Outlook by adding your email accounts in Outlook. This Outlook tech support guide will help you out with the process.  You can add an email account to Microsoft Outlook. After that, you can manage your emails in that account right from the email client.

Outlook tech support instructions:

  •  First and foremost, you need to launch Microsoft Outlook. You need to click on the Start button or the Windows-logo button located on the lower-left-hand side of the desktop screen. After that, you need to enter Outlook.exe into the search field, and then, click on it in the search result list when it pops up. You will see that Microsoft Outlook will launch its user interface on your system screen.

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  •  Then, you need to click on the Office button located at the top-left corner of your system screen. After that, you need to click on Info and then, click Account Settings and then select Add Account. which can be accessed from the drop-down menu.
  •  Thereafter, you need to click your mouse on the circle right next to the left of the words Email Account and then type in your name, email account, and your password (of your email account). You need to click ‘Next’, once all of the necessary fields have been filled out.
  •  You need to click on the Finish button once the configuration has been finished. You will see that all of the email messages are downloaded into Outlook.

This way you can set emails in Outlook.

New Outlook For Mac Released

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Microsoft recently surprised Apple Mac users by releasing a Mac compatible Microsoft Outlook program that is built exclusively for Office 365 subscribers. This is excellent for users who run Windows powered computers at work and Mac systems at home or otherwise. More surprises were in store when Microsoft announced that it will release the new version of Office next year.

You will require Office 365 subscription in order to activate Outlook for Mac in your Mac system. Microsoft has announced that the new version would deliver “improved performance and reliability and a fresh look and feel that is unmistakably Microsoft Office” in the official blog post from the Office 365 team. The new version numbered 15.3 will be able to sync perfectly with the Microsoft counterpart, who’s latest build is currently at 15.0.4659.1001.

The Mac friendly version of Outlook has several performance and reliability improvements, most importantly an improved threading model and database structure. Other highlights of Outlook includes ability to search online archives, Office 365 push email support and syncing between online and Mac category lists. Contact our Outlook tech support to know more about the Outlook program and how you will be able to make the best out of it.

If you want to download the latest program, you will have to head over to the Office 365 portal and sign-in to your account. However, do note that Microsoft has officially recommended you to uninstall the previous version of Microsoft Outlook before you download the current version. Microsoft has officially recommended you to uninstall Outlook 2011 for Mac “for the best experience.” Further support documents from Microsoft have revealed that both programs will work well, but it is advisable to keep both programs in different locations in order to avoid confusion.

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Apart from the new surprise Outlook release for Mac users, Microsoft has also revealed that it will release a public beta version of it for the next version of Office for Mac in the first half of 2015. The public release of the Outlook program will be available for download by the second quarter of 2015. It has further mentioned that, “Office 365 commercial and consumer subscribers will get the next version at no additional cost, and we will release a perpetual license of Office for Mac in the same timeframe.”

Since the next feature is slated to release around the same time the all new Windows 10 will be released, an extremely big upgrade cycle can be expected next year. If you want to know more features about the latest Outlook version, you may contact our Outlook tech support team.

Try The Updated Skype Service In Outlook Webmail

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For years, Microsoft released different chat network services and chat client applications for their different OS platforms and software programs. Same was the case with email services and email client applications. However, in the last few years, they seem to have changed this strategy.

Now, Microsoft is in the process of making Skype their only chat network service by eliminating all the other Microsoft products like MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and so on. They also did the same with Outlook webmail by ending their Hotmail service and integrating its user accounts to Outlook.

Skype for Outlook now supports HD Video chat

Microsoft continued this strategy by introducing Skype in Xbox and Outlook webmail. Outlook email users can use the Skype chat service within the account page itself. According to Outlook tech support, you have to install the Skype plug-in in the browser to enable it. After this, you no longer need to launch the Skype client application in your system to start a chat session.

Microsoft is also working on a web-based Skype chat service, which will further eliminate the need for installing the plug-in. That project is still in the testing phase. So, for the time being, you have to install the Skype plug-in in the browser for accessing Skype chat service in Outlook webmail.

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Recently, Microsoft upgraded this Skype for Outlook service to include support for HD video chatting and expanded this service to all countries across the globe. You can link your existing Skype account to your Outlook account. Or, you can just use your Outlook email ID to start the Skype chat network account. You will not experience any User ID conflicts, when using a different Skype account inside your Outlook webmail page.

Once the plug-in is successfully installed in the browser, you will see the Skype button in the Outlook webmail main window. Click on it to launch the Microsoft chat network on the right side of the account page. This is much like the Google Hangouts chat service available in Gmail. With the update, Microsoft has also fixed many of the errors in the Skype service that were reported to Outlook tech support.

For example, on receiving a new call from a contact, the Skype for Outlook used to continue ringing even after the user attended the call in the Skype client app already running in the system. This is no longer the case. Upgrade the Skype for Outlook plug-in and experience these improvements.

Setting Up Exchange Server On Outlook

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     Exchange Server Setup On Outlook

Home consumers only have the option of having their email controlled by commercial providers like Hotmail or Yahoo. But in companies, they usually set up accessible accounts on a Microsoft Exchange server. With a setup like this, you can have access to calendars, tasks, and contacts, and be able to share them with other people as well.

You can configure Outlook to be able to access the Exchange server. Here’s how.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and go to the Tools menu. From there, choose Account Settings and then Change. After this, go to More settings.
  • Move to the Connections tab when the subsequent window comes up, and then choose the Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP option. After doing that, you’ll see the connection settings for the Exchange Server.
  • Type in the needed information for connecting to the server, including the URL of the server, and if or not you need SSL to connect. Also choose the type of authentication you require for the connection. If you’re not sure of the settings, you can ask the administrator for this information.
  • Hit OK when you’re done. This will connect the email client to the Exchange server you wish to access information from.

Keep in mind that these Outlook tech support instructions only apply to version 2007 or newer. Also, you’d need to be using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or later versions for these steps to work. If you want additional security for the connection, you can use the NTLM Authentication option, and also the Connect using SSL only option.

Setting up a schedule for server maintenance

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      Configure Exchange Server On Outlook

Having maintenance routine is one way to ensure that the database stays organized, and that you get the maximum out of the usable space. The default time setting for this is between 1:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M, but you could change that by following the steps given below.

  • Go to the Exchange Management Console, and right click on the database that you want to change the settings for. Hit Properties.
  • You’ll see the current schedule list in the General tab, where you can set a different time for maintenance activities. There’s even a Custom Schedule you can use.
  • Hit OK when you’re done.

Those were some Outlook tech support instructions on setting up an Exchange Server connection, and scheduling maintenance on the server. Check out other posts for similar useful info.