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This is the era of apps. Many of us cannot think of a life without apps. Apps became popular with the smart phones and they found their way to tablets, desktops and now they are even in the smart watches. These apps can be great things that can make the digital experience of the users fun, convenient and more practical. Happy news for the users of the Outlook.com service is that these apps are now finding their way to Outlook.com. In one of their latest posts on Office Blog, Outlook Team called for the third party app developers to run for their opportunity to reach numerous users as Microsoft is now planning to introduce Apps for Outlook.com in the spring of 2015.

Outlook.com will be the same platform for the app developers that Office 365 is now. This will be as part of Microsoft’s efforts to push the latest changes that are introduced in Office 365. As per Outlook tech support, the developers will be given chances to access a range of APIs. These APIs can be used to develop apps to make calendar and email experience in Outllok.com more productive and comfortable. Users will be able to experience the comfort, whether they are at home, work or on the road.

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As per the latest statistics, Outlook.com is having 400 active users and the user base is still growing. This means that the invitation from Microsoft is a great opportunity for the developers who are currently making apps with open web technologies and standards. This means that the customers will be able to make use of these apps without downloading any extensions or plug-ins. If everything goes as planned, developers can build apps now, so that there will be many healthy apps by the time Apps for Outlook.com is launched in the coming year.

The Microsoft support team refused to reveal more details on this news and they just said that Microsoft is currently working with some exciting app partners. If everything goes as planned, having third party apps in Outlook.com will make the service very much liked by the users and more and more users may sign up for the service. More updates on the news will be posted on the site when available. If you would like to know more on this news, you can contact the Outlook tech support team. They might offer more information on the news.

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Fixing The Outlook Error - Microsoft Outlook Is Unable To Expand The Folder

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Microsoft Outlook is often termed as the best email application because of the number of useful options available in the program. Features like the calendar enable the users to set reminders for specific events, and other options like the task manager help the business professionals to schedule their meetings and events accordingly. Outlook is in fact considered to be a must have for every business professional. For any queries and issues related to the email application, the users can contact the Outlook tech support anytime.

The best aspect of Outlook is that along with being an outstanding email client, the program also serves as an excellent personal information manager for the users. The personal information of the users is stored in specific files known as personal storage tables or PST files whereas the contact information is saved securely in the Outlook address book.

Also, the application allows the users to share folders to view the emails, calendars, tasks etc. with their contacts. For accessing the files, the users however need to choose a permission level. Sometimes, certain users encounter Outlook issues where they fail to expand the folder. In such cases, the users get a message that says – Microsoft Outlook is Unable to Expand the Folder.

To fix this issue, you can use the following instructions provided by the Outlook tech support team:

  • In the first step, you need to right-click on the Mailbox option on the computer that comprises of the shared mailbox or folder. Now, you need to click on the Properties option on the shortcut menu.

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  • You can choose the Folder Visible check-box on the Permissions tab and once you’re done, click on OK. Now, move on to the Tools menu and click on Options.
  • Next, you need to select the Add option on the Delegates tab. This is to select the contacts who will gain access to the shared folder or mailbox.
  • You need to highlight the permissions that you want to extend to delegates with access to the folder. This can be chosen in the Delegates Permissions dialog box, and once selected, press OK.
  • Now, you need to double-click the shared mailbox and then open it.

These instructions provided by the Outlook tech support team can help you to successfully fix the error – Microsoft Outlook is Unable to Expand the Folder. To get more information on fixing the common Outlook problems, you may contact our tech support team.

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Syncing Facebook Events And Birthdays In Outlook

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Import Facebook Calendar In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2013 is one of those awesome productivity tools which let you take care of all your activities from a single place. Even your Facebook events can be synced to this, making it so useful that you don’t have to sign in from the browser to check up friends’ birthdays. Facebook lets you export the calendar information in the Internet Calendar Subscription format, which Outlook can access.

The good thing about ICS vents is that they get automatically updated each time you make a change, meaning that the Outlook calendar will have the same changes too. Each event can be accessed as a separate calendar, but it’s also possible to overlay them with an existing calendar. Here are Outlook tech support instructions for importing a calendar from Facebook.

  • Log into Facebook and go to the Events app. From here you’ll be able to see all the birthdays and other important dates.
  • Go to the Upcoming Events link. This can be found in the You can add your events to Microsoft Outlook… section. Go to the Send To list from there, and choose Microsoft Outlook. Then hit OK to get the calendar over to Outlook.
  • If the calendar has no appointments in it, you’ll get a warning from Outlook. Just hit Yes to proceed. Once you do, the calendar gets added to Outlook, and you automatically get subscribed to updates.

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    Sync Facebook Calendar With Outlook

  • Go to the Birthdays link in Facebook and do the same as you did for the events calendar. This will open your birthday calendar in Outlook. Hit Yes if this is empty, and you’ll be subscribed to updates from this Facebook calendar as well.
  • If you can’t find Outlook in the list of applications, then hit the Choose button and manually select the application. The default location for Outlook 2013 has the following path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15. From this folder, select the Outlook.exe file.
  • If you wish to overlay the Facebook calendar with the one of those which you’re using in Outlook, go to the Calendars section and select the options you wish to use.
  • Find the... icon and click it if you want to export no more than a single event. Select the Export Event option form the menu, and then hit the Save to calendar button. Then choose Export.

Those were some Outlook tech support instructions for bringing over the calendar from you Facebook account. Get other useful tips and guidelines from the latest posts.

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Clearing The Outlook Cache

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Users of the Outlook 2013 program might know that the program saves the contact addresses in it as a part of the Auto-Complete feature. This feature instantly completes the contact entries when the users send email messages. At times, this feature can prove to be a nuisance and can interfere with the workflow. The interference can be due to the constant drop down menus that list the Auto-Complete suggestions.

If you find the Auto-Complete feature in the Outlook program disturbing, you can delete the Auto-Complete cache from the PC. This can be accessed through the Options configuration panel of the Outlook 2013 program. The Outlook tech support tips that are shared below will help you to delete the Auto Complete cache in the Outlook program.


  • Turn on your computer, open the Outlook 2013 program and press Alt and F keys together. This will open the navigation pane. From the navigation pane, click on the Options side tab.
  • In the Outlook Options pop up window, you will need to click on the Mail side tab.
  • Now you will have to scroll down to Send Messages area and then click on the button named Empty Auto-Complete List.
  • In the confirmation pop-up window, click on the Yes button to empty the Outlook Auto-Complete cache.

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Users also have the options to erase single Auto-Complete entries from the cache of the Outlook program. You can start composing an email message, and type the contact address that you need to delete into the To field. Auto Complete will display the drop down of the contact and in it, click on the X button that is placed near to the address to get rid of it.

Outlook 2013 program also has a Forms cache. The users may need to clear this cache if they are experiencing persistent error messages. These error messages will be displayed while making use of the custom forms. If you need to clear the form cache, you will need to click on the Advanced tab, located in the Options pop-up window, scroll down to Developers area and then click on the button that is named Custom Forms. A pop-up box will be displayed and in the box, click on Manage Forms. Select the Clear Cache button to empty the Outlook Forms Cache. After clearing the cache, you can click on the Close button to exit.

These are the steps to clear the Outlook cache. For further assistance, you can contact our Outlook tech support team.

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Setting Up The Dynamics CRM Add-In For Outlook

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Sometimes, it can be tedious trying to arrange your contacts across software or platforms. There are many programs designed to help you with this kind of work. One of the best in this class is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which augments your organizational possibilities. In many ways, it puts CRM programs to shame. Dynamics CRM can be added to Outlook to make it easier to manage contacts on the email client.

There’s an add-on for Outlook which lets you integrate your Dynamics CRM operations with the email management. You can carry out both activities synchronously, if you have Dynamics CRM 2011 or CRM 2013 set up. Here are some Outlook tech support instructions to set that up.

Install Dynamics CRM for Outlook

  • Download and install the Outlook email client.
  • If you’re prompted to set up the add-in using the Configuration Wizard, do so. If this doesn’t come up by itself, then go to the CRM tab in the email client and select the Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook option.

Configure Dynamics CRM for Outlook

After bringing up the Configuration Wizard, depending on the version of Dynamics CRM you’re going to use, follow the steps below.

  • If you have Dynamics CRM 2011 Online, there’s no need to type in the server URL. Instead you can simply choose the CRM Online option from the drop down menu.
  • If you have Dynamics CRM On-Premise, then you’ll have to enter the right credentials to proceed further.

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  • After the connection test is over, type in the correct credentials and then hit OK. In case you don’t have the password, or if the one you have isn’t getting you in, then try logging into your account through the browser.
  • Select the organization you’re setting up for, and then click OK.

One thing you should remember is that if you have contacts stored in Dynamics CRM, installing the add-in will mean this gets synced to the Outlook client. This might bring in the possibility of duplicates forming, which is why it’s better to disable the contacts sync feature.

After the setup has been completed, you will be able to access your Outlook information within Dynamics CRM. This constitutes some essential Outlook tech support for contact sync enhancement.

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