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Outlook is the most popular email client application and it can be used for setting up an internet email account (webmail account) in it. The steps vary depending on the type of webmail account you are using. For instance, you cannot setup a Yahoo email account in Outlook in the same way, as you would set up a Gmail account. However, there are many things in common and if you manage to differentiate the major areas where there are differences, you would be able to set up any webmail in account in Outlook within a few minutes. This article consists of some useful tips for setting up a webmail account in Microsoft account. More information on how to setup email account in Outlook can be had by contacting the Outlook tech support.


  • The major difference among the webmail services is the communication protocols they use. You can gather the exact details about the communication protocols by contacting the email service provider.
  • Most webmail services allow users to set up their accounts in email client applications like Microsoft Outlook. However, certain Email services like Yahoo require the users to upgrade to a paid version of the service (Yahoo mail plus) to enable it on third party email applications.
  • Once you are sure that you have all the necessary prerequisites to enable your webmail account in Outlook, you can begin configuring your Outlook application.
  • While configuring your Outlook application, you are required to fill in three different sections namely 1) Account details, 2) Server details (Incoming and outgoing mail server details) and 3) Logon information. Make sure that you furnish these details correctly. A minor error might result in you not being able to complete the email setup successfully.

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  • Always contact the Outlook tech support for your doubts regarding the email setup. Although most email service providers provide the steps for email setup on third party email client applications, they are often outdated.
  • Outlook contains an option called Test account settings. After furnishing the details in Outlook settings, users can verify them by pressing the button called Test account settings. This will verify the details. Once the verification is over, users will receive a confirmation message.

You have now learnt how to set up a webmail account in Microsoft Outlook application. If you have any further queries, contact the Outlook support.

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How To Use Outlook Rules To Forward An Email To Another Account

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        Features Of Outlook

If you have an email account, you can view the emails using either an internet browser or with the use of an email client program. The advantage of an email client program is that the users can view the downloaded emails even in the absence of an internet connection. This is not possible if you are using an internet browser.

Therefore, there are numerous advantages of using an email client program. In this post, we will acquaint you with a feature of Outlook email client, which can be very helpful for many users. The Outlook email client helps you to send an email received from a particular contact to another email account automatically. According to Outlook tech support, you can set up this feature in Outlook with a few simple steps. Let us go through the steps here.

Steps Involved

  • Select the option Start and then choose All Programs. From the list, place the mouse over Microsoft Office and then in the sub menu, click Microsoft Outlook.
  • Once the Outlook program is launched, select the option File and choose Manage Rules and Alerts. This opens the window for Rules and Alerts.
  • Click the tab E-mail Rules and choose the option New Rule.
  • The above step launches the window for Rule Wizard. In this window, choose the option Apply this rule after the message arrives. Choose the option Check messages when they arrive and click Next.
  • Next step is to choose the conditions. In the first step, select the conditions from the list. For example, if you want to forward the message to another account only if it has a specific keyword in the subject line, then mark the option, With specific words in the subject.

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  • In the next step, that is, in the box below Step 1, you need to choose the specific words by clicking the highlighted text.
  • Enter the specific word in the corresponding fields and click the option Add.
  • Once you finish entering the specific words, click the option OK.
  • Click Next in the Rules Wizard window and this takes you to the next option where you should choose the action that needs to be taken with similar messages.
  • Choose the option Forward to people or public group and type the email address to which you need the message to be forwarded. Click OK and then Finish.

With the above steps, you can forward an email message to a different email account automatically. For additional help, you may contact Outlook tech support or our technical support team.

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How To Change Offline Mode In Microsoft Outlook

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Outlook Email Configuration

Outlook is the most widely used email client program in most of the business houses as well as homes. The user interface of this email client is simple and easy to navigate. Since Microsoft releases regular updates for this email client, it supports most of the file types and is free from bugs.

This email client program is connected with Microsoft Exchange Server for office communication purposes. With Microsoft Exchange Server, you can make use of the cached mode in the program. The major advantage of this mode is that, it will contain all the files in the computer and ensures that the online and offline files are present in the program. There is a setting in the Outlook program, which allows you to enable this feature after each time you load the program.

According to Outlook tech support, it is important to make your Outlook program online once you launch it because you will receive the latest emails only when the program is online. In this post, we will help you to change the offline mode in the Outlook program.

Steps Involved

  • Open the Start menu from your desktop by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.
  • In the Start menu, click the option All Programs, which is found on the bottom of the Start menu in the left pane.
  • Keep your mouse over the option Microsoft Office and then from the sub menu that opens to the right of the menu, choose Microsoft Outlook.
  • The above step launches the program and once Outlook opens, choose the option Tools.
  • Click the option Email Account from the Tools menu and click the option View or change existing email accounts.
  • From the list of email accounts configured in the program, choose the email account that you wish to make online.
  • Click the option Change.
  • Mark the box for the option Use Cached Exchange Mode.

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    Outlook Email Settings

  • Click OK and close the Window.
  • Restart the email client program.
  • When Microsoft opens again, choose the option File from the menu bar and select the option Work Offline. This will remove the check mark from the program and the program will be online.

With the above steps, you can take your Outlook program back to the online mode. For additional assistance on Outlook issues, you may contact Outlook tech support or our technical support team.

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How To Fix Windows Error 17 And Keep Your PC Safe

Fix Microsoft Errors

Microsoft Errors

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating system that is in use now. Microsoft Windows allows the users to do a number of operations very smoothly. At times, virus infections, improper handling of the computer, or some of the software errors can lead to corruption of the registry entries and files. Any corruption in the registry files and the system files can lead to system errors and crash of the computer. Windows error 17 is one of such registry errors and that is caused by corrupted system files or programs.

This is a problematic situation that can occur in the Windows 7 operating system. The users generally experience this error after installing a new hardware device. In such a situation, you will get an error message ‘ERROR_NOT_SAME_DEVICE.’ This error can lead to a number of problematic situations for the Windows OS users. You will have to fix Microsoft errors like the Windows 17 error to prevent further damage to your computer.

Issues Caused By Error 17 on Windows 7 OS

  • Interrupts the run processes by the new installed devices
  • Slows down the performance of Windows operating system.
  • Delay to open and run applications.
  • System not responding issues.
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issues.
  • System programs made inaccessible.

These issues can occur in Windows 7 operating system if the computer is experiencing the Windows 7 error. This runtime error can be fixed very easily by following some simple troubleshooting steps. Those computer users who have very good knowledge on the registry program can make use of the manual steps to get rid of this error. You can follow the steps that are discussed below to fix Microsoft errors, especially error 17 on Windows 7 computers.


  • Remove the newly installed device from the program list.

    Advance Registry Cleaner Program

    Fix Microsoft Errors

  • Go to the Control Panel window to add the new hardware.
  • Reinstall it.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Open Windows registry and delete the erroneous registry entries.
  • You can then delete the corrupted files from the computer.

If you are a computer user with minimum computer knowledge, then it is good to use an advance registry cleaner program to fix Microsoft errors and registry errors. If you wish to know more on the steps to fix Microsoft errors, you can contact our technical support team and get further help.

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Fixing Online Archive Issues In Outlook

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                 Online archives in Outlook

The most popular email client of Microsoft is Outlook and it offers a wide range of functionality to the users. However, if you are employing Outlook 2007 and if you are not able to view Online Archives, then it is needed for you to upgrade the Outlook 2007 to the newer versions. Given below are some instructions given by the Outlook tech support team to upgrade your Outlook 2007 email client.

Downloading and installing Microsoft Office Service Pack 2

  • If any Microsoft Office programs are open in your system, close them.
  • Open the web browser and navigate to the official website of Microsoft.
  • Next, you need to click the button called Download.
  • Once it is downloaded, save that file on to a specific location in your computer.
  • Browse to the location where you have saved the downloaded file and begin the process of installation by double clicking that file.
  • Next, select the option called Run and put a tick mark to the box that says Accept the Microsoft Software License Terms, followed by clicking the button called Continue. Now, you system will start the installation process and it may take some time to complete.
  • When completed, just restart your machine to make the changes to take effect.

Downloading and installing patch for Outlook 2007

  • Again, you need to exit from all the programs, if they are open in your computer.
  • Open the internet browser and navigate to the official download site of Microsoft. In the window, you need to click the button called Download.
  • Save the downloaded file to a specific location in your computer.
  • When it finishes downloading, go to the location where you saved the file.
  • Begin the installation process by double clicking the downloaded file. Begin the installation by clicking the button called Run.
  • Similarly, place a check mark to the box that says Accept the Microsoft Software License Terms followed by clicking the button called Continue. Now, the installation will begin.
  • Once completed, restart your machine.
Exchange server

         repairing Outlook online archives

  • Click the shortcut icon for Microsoft Outlook 2207 and kick start the application in your system.
  • If Outlook asks for your login details, then type them in the appropriate fields.
  • After logging in, it will take some time to get the updates in the Exchange server. Once it is done, a new mailbox called Online Archive will be seen.

The above said instructions will help you to fix the Outlook issues related to online Archives. To know more, contact the Outlook tech support team.

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