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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most basic email programs developed by the software giant Microsoft Corporation. If you own a copy of this software, then you are the owner of one of the most powerful organizational and communication tools for your Windows or Mac operating system. Of the many available features, the Calendar feature is probably the most integrated one, considering its integration with emails, contacts, and other features. Outlook Calendar is actually a calendar and scheduling component, providing users the ability to create appointments and events, organize meetings, view group schedules and more.

In this Outlook tech support article, we will see how you can share a calendar in Microsoft Outlook. Here are the instructions to follow.

First, you need to click on ‘Calendar’ in the Outlook feature. In this feature, you can share calendars. In the left pane you can see “Open a Shared Calendar”. Using this link, it Is possible for you to open a shared calendar.

For sharing your calendar, you need to have an Exchange Server e-mail account. In case you do not have an Exchange Server e-mail account, it is not possible for you to share your calendar.

If you have an Exchange server email account, you can see on the left pane “Share my Calendar”. If you are having an Exchange Server e-mail account, you will be able to see the ‘Share my calendar’ link.

In case you have an Exchange Server e-mail account, here are the Outlook tech support instructions for you to follow.

  • First, you need to click on “Share my calendar”.

    Create Appointments

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  • Then, you need to select the “Add” button.
  • After that, you need to enter the name of the person whom you wish to grant sharing permissions to and click on “Add” and “OK”.
  • In the “Name” box, you need to click on the name of the person you have just added.
  • Then beneath “Permissions”, in the “Permission Level” list, you need to click the permission level that you want.

It could take few minutes for Exchange Server to update these settings.

Open Shared Calendars

Apart from sharing your own calendar, it is also possible to view others’ calendars. This can be pretty useful to know the status of your contact like at what time he or she will be back to office, when he or she is absent etc. You need to note that, for viewing someone else’s calendar, it is necessary that he/she provides you the right permissions.

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Outlook Issue - Microsoft Outlook Loading Very Slow Or Not Responding

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Microsoft Outlook, the most widely used email client ever, is developed by the Redmond based software maker Microsoft Corporation. The software maker has seen to it that the email management program offers a variety of highly useful features for the users. This email program provides users the ability to have more than one webmail account synchronized. This way, users will be able to maintain their webmail accounts and access their priority emails all in one place. The email software offers some of the best features when it comes to customizability and catering to the specific needs of the users.

Though Microsoft Outlook is without a shadow of doubt, a first rate email program, like any software you can expect errors and corruptions even in it. Since this email management software is immune to problems, when there are issues, it has the capability to affect the users. If Outlook is used in a small business for emailing needs when there are problems with the email program, it can affect the productivity, business communication and even to certain extent profitability. So it becomes extremely important to resolve the problems with Outlook as soon as possible.

In this Outlook tech support guide, we will discuss one of the most common problems experienced by most Outlook users. We are talking about the Outlook email client loading slowly or Outlook email client not responding at all.

Outlook Not Responding

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If Outlook is loading slowly, it is mainly because of the number of emails you have in the inbox. If your inbox is flooded with emails, it is best to categorize it into folders. This actually reduces the loading time. You can create new folders based on various categories or person’s name or whatever. You can move the emails to the respective categories. This way Outlook will load faster.

The next problem is the Outlook not responding problem. When Microsoft Outlook is not responding at all, you need to end the Outlook processes and then restart it. For that, you need to press Ctrl, Alt and Delete. You will see the Task Manager window open. In Task Manager, you need to go to Processes, click on the specific Outlook process and then click on End Process. Then you can restart the Outlook program. Most of the times, the problem will be resolved by now.

Hope this Outlook tech support guide was useful. Contact our tech support desk for any further assistance.

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Fixing Password Issues In Outlook


Outlook Issues

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most advanced and useful email applications that comprises of a plethora of features. Some of these options help the Outlook users to successfully manage and schedule their professional work, making the program a must have for every business professional. For any issues related to the Outlook application, the users can contact the Outlook tech support team anytime to get them fixed.

Sometimes, you may get an error message in Outlook that would ask you for your password. Since the user’s password would be saved in the Outlook profile, getting such an error message can be confusing for many users. To save the password in Microsoft Outlook, you can use the following instructions provided by the Outlook tech support team.

  • In the first step, you need to start Outlook by clicking on the Outlook icon on your desktop. Once it has been opened, you can click on Info on the File tab and then on Account Settings.
  • Next, click on the E-mail tab followed by your email account. You will see the Account Settings dialogue box getting opened.
  • Now, search for the section by the name Selected e-mail account delivers new e-mail messages to the following location.
  • Here, you need to type the complete path for the email connection. Once you enter the path, it will begin with a drive letter like C:\ and end with .pst, which is the file name for your Outlook Profile.


    Outlook Features

  • Next, you need to click on the Change Folder option in the Account Settings dialogue box. You will be able to locate this Change Folder section in the Selected e-mail account delivers new e-mail messages to the following location.
  • In the next step, you need to click on New Outlook Data File followed by Outlook Personal Folders File and then on OK.
  • Make sure you refer to your written note and then select the noted .pst file. Now, click on OK. Microsoft Outlook will try fixing the damaged Outlook Profile.
  • Once you’re done, you can quit Outlook by clicking on Quit from the File menu. Restart Outlook by clicking on the Outlook icon on your desktop.

By following these instructions, you can successfully fix the damaged Outlook profile and fix the password issues in Microsoft Outlook. To get more assistance on the same, you may also contact our 24×7 technical support team.

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Creating Personal Folders In Microsoft Outlook 2007 Exchange

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An email solution for Windows networks is Exchange Server. System administrators establish a connection to the Exchange Server utilizing Microsoft Outlook, since the software works Exchange Server natively. Outlook lets users create a personal folder to store all the email messages and contacts present in Exchange Server. The settings section of Outlook lets you create personal folders in Outlook. For each Outlook account setup on the Exchange Server, you can create a personal folder. Here are some Outlook tech support instructions to create personal folders.


  • Click the Start button on the desktop, select All Programs, and then from the ensuing menu, click on Microsoft Outlook. If you have a shortcut on the desktop, you can Double Click on the same to open Outlook.
  • This would automatically connect Outlook to the Exchange Server when the applications load on the desktop.
  • Click on the Account with which you want to connect the personal folder. To open a new window, click on Add. Click on Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.PST) from the options list and then click on Ok. Another window pops up asking for the location and name of the new folder.
  • In the File Name text box, type a name. To choose the location on the hard drive, browse through the Directories, choose one, and then click on Ok. In case you want to link a password to the folder, you can set a password by typing one in the next window and clicking Ok.

    Microsoft Outlook

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  • To the left of the navigation tool in Outlook, you will find the new Personal Folder Section. All you have to do is Drag and Drop the email from the inbox to this folder to save email messages.

This is the usual procedure followed to create personal folders and save emails in the same. In case you have issues with this method, you can get advanced Outlook Tech Support from our website. Just go the support page and look for apt Outlook help.

You can either chat or talk to a technician from the chat window or the toll free number respectively. The technician would connect to your system remotely and look into the issue. While the technician works on the computer, all you need to do is to sit and watch, or observe what he or she does so that you can solve the issue by yourself the next time.

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Contact Tech Support To Fix Frequent Outlook Problems


Outlook Support Desk

One of the many reasons why I chose to use Microsoft Outlook is that it has continuous customer support. Microsoft offers free Outlook tech support for all valid customers of this application. Unfortunately, this is not the case with many other desktop email client applications. All email client applications are vulnerable to frequent problems and errors. The causes of these problems can be the issues with the email server, the storage files, internet connectivity issues, etc. Desktop email client applications store the data in them in specific file formats. In the case of Outlook, it is a PST file.

Third party support for Outlook

If you are using an older Outlook version on your PC, you may not be eligible for free customer support from Microsoft. If it is the case, you can make use of any of the third party email client applications. There are few things to keep in mind while subscribing to a third party support. First of all, you need to make sure that they are able to provide you with support for all problems. There are certain support providers that offer assistance for only a limited number of problems.

Remember, when you subscribe to a third party support program, you are paying them service charges. Hence, it is your right to get assistance for every Outlook problem that might surface. In addition to helping you fix common Outlook problems, the support desk should assist you in setting up a new email account in the application, exporting or importing contacts from other email client applications, etc. Other services you could avail from the third party support include spam blocker activation, personalized email account set up and creation of email rules.


Outlook Help And Support

Email support assistance program

By downloading and installing an email assistant application on your PC, you can simplify the process of getting in touch with Outlook tech support. Here are the instructions. Make sure that you are in touch with the tech support while performing the below steps. This should be guiding you through the process of downloading the program and installing it on the PC.


  • Get a blank CD and insert it in the disk drive of your PC.
  • Now, launch Microsoft Outlook and navigate to the Maintenance tab.
  • The tech support centre will guide you through the process of downloading the support program and installing it on the PC.

This article must have helped you with knowing about the various Outlook support options and getting Outlook support program installed on your PC. Now, use Outlook with a peace of mind.

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